Instructions for Submit

Copied from: on Nov 20, 2003.

Students submit their assignments with the submit program. The syntax is

submit [assignment [course]]

The assignment is the directory name designated by your instructor as the name of the directory or file to be submitted. This directory or file must be in the current directory. If there is only one choice for either then that choice will be selected. For example: user fred is registered in CSCI1100, and there is only one assignment to be submitted, which is named "":

  fred@borg:~$ cd cs1100
  fred@borg:~/cs1100$ ls -l
-rw-------   1 fred  csugrad        534 Oct 11  2000
  fred@borg:~/cs1100$ submit

If fred had been in two courses, and both wanted something (file/directory) assign1 to be submitted, then:

  fred@borg:~$ cd cs3110
  fred@borg:~/cs3110$ ls -l
drw-------   1 fred  csugrad        534 Oct 11  2000 assign1
  fred@borg:~/cs3110$ submit
Please select the course: 

1. cs3110
2. cs3132

Enter Number (1-2): 1
Please select the assignment: 

1. assign1
2. assign2

Enter Number (1-2): 1

Alternatively, fred could have typed:

  fred@borg:~/cs3110$ submit assign1 cs3110
and achieved the same effect.

Submit has a number of error checks, and hopefully any problems will be detected and reported. Submit imposes size limits on the items it is copying and also declines to copy executable, object, and class files, since usually these can be regenerated from the source code, and markers like to verify that the human written source code does in fact produce the output desired rather than just the executable producing the desired result. For this reason, if there was anything special you did to make your program run, it is probably prudent to include a README file in a directory, a Makefile that will do the compiling, and/or comments at the top of the code describing any special instructions, as well as your name, email address, and Student ID.

Finally, if you think there is something wrong, then you can invoke the debugging code to see what is going on:

  fred@borg:~/cs3110$ DEBUG_SUBMIT=2 submit

Instructions for MkrSetup

Instructors need to setup a destination for assignments to be submitted to.

  1. Designate the OS user that will be "the marker".
  2. Get this person and their course added to /var/marker/markers
  3. The "course" is the format that it appears in /var/zmailer/lists/all-xxnnnn-ss, so a marker must be designated separately for cs1100-01 and cs1100-02.
  4. Once the user is designated, login as that user and run the command.


  5. You will be presented with a menu of options.

    Marker Setup [ prof0000 [cs0000] (cs0000) ]
    1. Select a course
    2. Add an assignment
    3. Delete an assignment
    4. Change an assignment due date
    5. List assignments
    0. Exit
    Enter selection: 

  6. This program will edit the file ~/marker/valid.course. If you so desire you can edit this file directly. Theoretically, if you want to mark two sections in the same directory and file, you can soft link the valid file for one section to the valid file for another.
  7. Adding and assignment

  8. Find submitted assignments in ~/marker/course/destdir/username.