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CSCI 1110 - Academic Integrity Policy

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Note: This policy is copied, with minor modifications, from the suggested university syllabus statement at http://academicintegrity.dal.ca/Faculty%20Resources/Syllabus_Stement.php

Academic Integrity Policy

At Dalhousie University, we respect the values of academic integrity: honesty, trust, fairness, responsibility and respect. As a student, adherence to the values of academic integrity and related policies is a requirement of being part of the academic community at Dalhousie University.

What does academic integrity mean?

Academic integrity means being honest in the fulfillment of your academic responsibilities thus establishing mutual trust. Fairness is essential to the interactions of the academic community and is achieved through respect for the opinions and ideas of others. “Violations of intellectual honesty are offensive to the entire academic community, not just to the individual faculty member and students in whose class an offence occurs.” [Intellectual Honesty section of University Calendar (http://ug.cal.dal.ca/UREG.htm#12)]

How can you achieve academic integrity?

[these examples should be considered only as a guide and not an exhaustive list]

What will happen if an allegation of an academic offence is made against you?

The instructor is required to report a suspected offence. The full process is outlined in the Discipline flow chart (http://academicintegrity.dal.ca/Files/AcademicDisciplineProcess.pdf) and includes the following:

Where can you turn for help?

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