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An Incremental Blog

This post is in a blog format but its main purpose is to list all blog posts in a reverse chronological order as follows:

Well, the blogs above are generally listed in a reverse chronological order except this one, which is always on top--the spot reserved for the newest blog.

Another special thing about this blog is that it is saved in the index.html page; i.e., the landing page for this blog site.

This blog contains some further discussion about blogs and blogging, which is, similarly to the above list, on-going, not finished, and incremental.

Should Blogs be Incremental?

"Incremental" in this sense means that a blog is significantly updated from time to time, including a possibility of never having a final version. I think that blog posts should not be generally incremental, but there can be exceptions, which should be clearly indicated. One example is this page, or it could be a blog in development. The majority of blog posts should be complete and stable, and thus arhivable and citable.

Examples of Interesting Blogs

Blogs at the first sight may not seem to be particularly interesting as they may simply be a personal web page, web site, or a part of web site, written in a journal form. However, they may be liberating in a sense that one does not need to first search for an appropriate form or venue before simply writing a piece of text that may be interesting or useful to others.

Some of the notable examples that I noticed were:

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