Theoretical Neuroscience & Neurocomputing 2009


Welcome to the course home page of NESC 4177 & CSCI 6508. This course is an introducion to computational neuroscience and brain style information processing.

... Instructor: Dr. Thomas Trappenberg ... Office: room 313 .... email: .... Office hour: TBA ...


Every week we will discuss one chapter of the book "Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience, 2ed", which will be supplied to the students. Every student will head the discussions of one chapter of the book by presenting a summary of the chapter on Mondays, and by leading the discussions of assignments on Wednesdays. The course also includes an individual project.

Grading schemes:

CSCI 6508: 60% Assignments, 40% Project (graduate students will get some advanced assignments

NESC 4177: 70% Assignments, 30% Project (the project will have a review focus)


Please familiarize yourself with the university policy on Intellectual Honesty. Every suspected case will be reported.