Neurocomputing: Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience (Fall 2003)


Assignment 1 due September 23 in class (16 points)


  1. What is the coefficient of variation for an integrate-and-fire (IF) neuron that is driven by constant input? (2)


  1. What is the maximal firing rate of an IF neuron with an absolute refractory time of 2ms? (2)


  1. Simulate an IF neuron (see program if_sim.m, Table 12.6) and derive an experimental curve for its gain function that shows the firing rate versus the external current and compare it to the theoretical curve (see figure 3.3). (6)


  1. Write a program that numerically integrates the differential equation dx/dt = -x and plot the difference of your numerical solution to the analytical solution. (6)