• Kambiz Ghazinour, Post-doctoral Fellow, 2012 –
  • Vera Sazonova, Post-doctoral Fellow, 2012 –
  • Yasser Jaffar, PhD, topic TBD, co-supervised with Marina Sokolova
  • Amir Hossein Razavi, Ph.D., 2006-2012, Automatic Text Ontological Representationand Classification via Fundamental to Specific Conceptual Elements.
  • William Klement, Ph.D., 2004-2010, Evaluating Machine Learning Methods: scored Receiver Operating Characteristics (sROC) Curves, co-supervised with N. Japkowicz.
  • M. Zhilin, PhD., 2004-2010, Annotation Concept Synthesis and Enrichment Analysis: A Logic-based Approach to the Interpretation of High-throughput Biological Experiments, co-supervised with M. Turcotte.
  • Marcelo Keese Albertini, “sandwich” PhD student from USP, Brazil, 2010, Mining high-dimensional Temporal Data.
  • Francesc Massanes, Feb. – Aug. 2009, M.Sc. student at Universita Polytecnica deCatalunya, co-supervised with Dr. Josep Larriba Pey.
  • Luc Beaudoin, MSS, 2005-2009, Autonomous Computer Network Defence Using Reinforcement Learning, graduated Feb. 2009.
  • Huang, Jin, Post Doc, 2007-2009, Machine Learning with Insufficient Training Sets.
  • Su, Jiang, Post Doc (NSERC PDF), 2007-2009, Active Learning, Instance Selection, Bayesian Learning, semi-supervised learning.
  • Kouznetsov, A., Post Doc, Machine Learning from Text Data, medical applications, text mining (2007-2009).
  • Sayyad Shirabad, Jelber, Post-doc, 2004-2004, Semi-supervised learning, ActiveLearning, Instance selection, Data mining in software engineering.
  • Caropreso, Fernanda, Ph.D., Extending the Bag of Words Representation for TextClassification, 2002-2008, graduated May 2008.
  • Nadeau, David, Ph.D., Semi-Supervised Named Entity Recognition: Learning to Recognize 100 Entity Types with Little Supervision, 2004-2007, graduated November 2007 (co-supervised with P. Turney).

For a complete list of graduate students I have supervised please refer to my CV.

How To Apply

I am actively looking for new graduate students in Computer Science at Dalhousie University. I have several funded Ph.D./M.Sc. positions. Postdoctoral positions with the Institute for Big Data Analytics are also available from time to time.

People interested in working with me will have a solid analytical background (e.g. a degree – or top grades –  in mathematics would be an asset), good programming skills, background in Artificial Intelligence (and, if possible, in Machine Learning), and strong written and verbal communications skills.

If you fulfill these requirements, contact me by email with “Ph.D. in Machine learning/Data Mining at Dal” in the subject of your email. Due to high current interest, only qualified candidates will be hearing back from me.