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January 7 - 10, 2013, Grand Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences



At this past (2012) HICSS conference, large complex data and web-scale information problems emerged as common themes across many of the Digital Media minitracks. In recognition of this, for HICSS 2013 we encourage authors to address these themes from their own research perspectives. Authors are encouraged to bring the lens of their own background and expertise to focus on big data issues ranging from the analytics of the data itself ­ whether from social media or other data sets ­ to the design and evaluation of effective presentations for stakeholders. The process is simple: authors send their papers to the most relevant minitrack and after the refereeing, the minitrack chairs will consult to accept papers, schedule presentations and draw connections.

The Track is made up of three Minitracks and researchers are invited to submit electronic versions of their papers directly to the Chair(s) of the appropriate Minitrack(s).

Minitracks and Chairs

  • Track Chair
  • Decision Support and Operational Management Analytics
  • Information Access and Usability
  • Social Media and Data Analytics
  • Socio-materiality of Information: Documents and Work

    Important Deadlines

    From now to June 15 [Optional]: Prepare Abstracts. Then, contact the appropriate Minitrack Chairs for guidance and indication of appropriate content.

    June 15: Submit full manuscripts for review as instructed. The review is double-blind; therefore, this initial submission must be without author names.

    August 15: Review System emails Acceptance Notices to authors. It is very important that at least one author of each accepted paper attend the conference. Therefore, all travel guarantees – including visa or your organization’s fiscal funding procedures – should begin immediately. Make sure your server accepts the review system address https://precisionconference.com/~hicss.

    September 15: SUBMIT FINAL PAPER. Add author names to your paper, and submit your Final Paper for Publication to the site provided in your Acceptance Notice. (This URL is not public knowledge.)

    October 15: Papers without at least one paid-in-full registered author may be deleted from the Proceedings and not scheduled for presentation; authors will be so notified by the Conference Office.


    Ralph Sprague, Conference Chair
    Email: sprague@hawaii.edu

    Rajib Subba, Track Administrator
    Email: rajib@hawaii.edu

    Sandra Laney, Conference Administrator
    Email: hicss@hawaii.edu