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at the Forty-Fourth Annual


January 4 - 7, 2011

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa
Island of Kauai

This will be the 17th year in which HICSS has included a major focus on the topic of content and communication through Digital Media. This Track provides a unique forum for this interdisciplinary topic in bringing together research from computer science, information science, linguistics and information systems, as well as other disciplines.

The Digital Media: Content and Communication Track has, as its title implies, two main themes. The first theme, digital media content, focuses on the organization and retrieval of digital information. In particular, the organization and visualization of and retrieval from large scale digital repositories, including the Web, The second theme, communication through digital media, focuses on how digital media has changed how we communicate and how are we leveraging digital media to communicate, both in our personal lives and in the work place. In this Track we are looking for new and innovative approaches to these areas.

The Track is made up of six Minitracks and researchers are invited to submit electronic versions of their papers directly to the Chair(s) of the appropriate Minitrack(s).

Minitracks and Chairs

  • Digital Divide/s and Inclusion/s>
  • Digital Libraries
  • Documenting Working and Working Documents
  • Information Access & Retrieval: The Web, Users, and HCI
  • Visualizing and Analyzing Digital Media across Scales
  • Web Information Credibility Analysis

    Important Deadlines

    From now to June 1 [Optional]: Prepare Abstracts. Then, contact the appropriate Minitrack Chairs for guidance and indication of appropriate content.

    June 15: Authors submit full papers by this date. All papers will be submitted in double column publication format and limited to 10 pages including diagrams and references. HICSS papers undergo a double-blind review (June15 - August15).

    August 15: Acceptance notices are sent to Authors. At this time, at least one author of an accepted paper should begin visa, fiscal and travel arrangements to attend the conference to present the paper.

    September 15: Authors submit Final Version of papers following submission instructions posted on the HICSS web site. At least one author of each paper must register by this date with specific plans to attend the conference.

    October 15: Papers without at least one registered author will be pulled from the publication process; authors will be notified.

    Instructions for Paper Submission


    Ralph Sprague, Conference Chair
    Email: sprague@hawaii.edu

    Rajib Subba, Track Administrator
    Email: rajib@hawaii.edu

    Sandra Laney, Conference Administrator
    Email: hicss@hawaii.edu