We physically relate to our environment in three dimensions. However, familiar modes of interaction reside in 2D, which mimic our interactions with traditional paper-based media. In this work, our aim is to combine the situational understanding that can be gained from 3D GIS, with familiar paper-based interaction. Our system situates 3D terrains within a metaphor of a 2D interactive scrapbook or journal. This allows the geospatial professional to maintain 3D records of their analysis over time and perform calculations directly over extracted terrain regions. In addition, the system would be useful as a teaching aid imparting an understanding of the third dimension.

Screen Captures


Suwen Wang and Stephen Brooks. A 3D Scrapbook Approach to Geospatial Analysis. The 12th Annual Geographical Information Science Research Conference, Manchester, pp. 200-205, April, 2008 (PDF).

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