Tip #9: Manage your focus, not your time

This thought or idea has been attributed to many people. I saw this a couple days ago on the Momentum new tab page that I use attributed to Robin Sharma. It is such an important thought/idea.

We are always encouraged to “manage our time”; I have suggested that too! :)

But this idea switches *what* we manage. If we look to manage what we focus on, instead of trying to managing time, it helps us become efficient in *what we do* instead of worrying about *how much time we take to do it*.

You may wonder — Wait a minute, Raghav. This seems as though it contradicts Tip #1 (create and stick to a schedule)!! :) It feels that way in a way, doesn’t it? Actually, it really does not contradict — this strategy helps you adapt Tip #1 and make it effective!. It helps you think about chunks of time to focus on specific tasks.

Why is this important?

We always like to manage our time and part of what frustrates us and makes us feel like we’re losing controls is the aspect that we cannot control time. The day begins and the day ends. The earth keeps rotating, and revolving around the sun.

Instead, if we turn our attention to what we focus on, instead of the inability to control and manage our time, we can work towards self-mastery and mastery of skills that we seek to learn.

What can you do?

Adopt the “stand-up meeting approach” something adopted from Agile software development paradigm. (I saw this on Twitter last night on @SlackHQ‘s Twitter feed.)

Three main steps — to help you in your daily endeavours:

  • What are 3 main areas of focus for today?
    • Identify specific things you would like to focus on for the day.
  • What is one thing that you are stuck or waiting on?
    • Identify any specific things that you may be waiting on.
    • Create action items to follow up with the person (if you’re waiting on someone to complete a task) or task.
    • Identify if there are things you can do while waiting for this to complete.
    • Try to work towards temporary closure for this, if it is beyond your personal control.
  • What are you most excited about doing today?
    • Feel excited about things you’d like to do!
    • It is said that just the act of smiling can relax us. Smile, identify things that you are excited about, and focus on them!
    • You got this! :)

So, this idea shifts the focus from time to what we want to do and what we are excited to do during the work day.

Try it out! It is a simple tip, but it can transform how you approach each day. I have been doing this for a while and it has helped me immensely, especially after we moved everything online.

Remember, you got this. Remind yourself that you got this. It makes a difference :)

Take care, and may the Force be with you!

Tip #9: Manage your focus, not your time