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Basic Information:

About one week before each tutorial, a few practice questions will be made available on this web page. You are asked to work on these questions before the tutorial date. During the tutorial, Serikzhan, a TA of this course, will show you his solutions. You are asked to take notes yourself, as the solutions will not be posted online.


Tutorial Number Tutorial Date Questions
1 September 19 1. [CLRS] Exercises 3.1-1, 3.1-4
2. Prove that lg (n!) = Θ(n lg n)
3. Design an O(n lg n) time algorithm to solve the following problem: Given n numbers which are time stamps when files are requested from a certain web server, find the largest interval of time during which no file request is made.
2 September 26 link to questions
3 October 3 link to questions
4 October 10 [CLRS] Exercises 4-6 (Monge arrays)
5 October 24 link to questions
6 October 31 cancelled
7 November 7 [CLRS] Exercise 15.4-5 (Longest monotonically increasing subsequence)
8 November 21 [CLRS] Exercise 23.2-8 (Professor Borden's MST algorithm); Exercise 23-4 (a) (Maybe-MST-A)
9 November 28 [CLRS] Exercise 24.1-3, 24.3-3, 24-3 (Arbitrage)

Other Lab Dates:

No tutorials are scheduled before the first tutorial, or on October 17 (the day before the midterm). Feel free to schedule your own activities.

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