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There will be eight assignments. They are posted online on Thursdays, and they are due at 5:00PM on the due dates. Submit to the assignment drop box on the second floor of the Goldberg building. When calculating your course grade, the best 7 out of 8 assignments will be used.

All assignments are designed to be weekly assignments, though you will have more time for some assignments. This is to help you budget your time to prepare for the midterm exam of this course, and to avoid having assignments due during the study break.

Collaboration: You are allowed (but not required) to form study groups to work on homework assignments, and each group may have up to three students. Students in the same study group must hand in a joint assignment. No form of collaboration, however, will be allowed between students who are in different study groups. Collaboration between different groups will be treated and handled as plagiarism. After each assignment, you are free to start/disband/switch study groups for the next assignment, as long as you follow the above policy.

Grace period: For each assignment, a grace period of 30 minutes is granted, after which assignment submissions will be marked as late, and 0 will be given as assignment marks. Thus the assignments will be picked up by a TA at 5:30PM, though you are not expected to work on your assignment during the grace periods. Use the minutes in these grace periods at your own risk.

Late assignment policy: No late assignments will be accepted. If there are any valid reasons for submitting an assignment late such as serious illness, see the course page for the accommodation policy for this course.

Sample solutions: Sample solutions are provided in a password-protected directory, and they are for students in the Fall 2018 version of CSCI 3110 only. The user name / password will be given in class some time after this first assignment is due. If you miss these, please contact the instructor, a TA or a classmate for them.

Below is the tentative schedule of assignments:

Sample Solutions
1 September 13 September 20 PDF
September 20 September 27 PDF
September 27
October 4 PDF
4 October 4 October 11 PDF
5 October 11 October 25 (two weeks) PDF
6 October 25 November 1 PDF
7 November 1 November 8 PDF
8 November 8 November 22 (two weeks) PDF

Mark Appeals:

If you find that your assignment or midterm marks are different from what have been recorded in the course online database at Bright Space, please bring your marked assignment or midterm to any TA or the instructor. If you show it to a TA, he/she will email the instructor to update your record, and cc you in the email.

If you request the remarking of any assignment/midterm questions, please follow the following policy (which maximizes the consistency and fairness in marking):

1. Contact the marker for remarking. The marker's initials are given in your marked assignment, or beside the mark for each midterm exam question, and you can find the contact information of the marker from the course home page. You can contact the marker during his/her tutorial hours or office hours, or you can email for an appointment. Do not ask anyone else to remark your assignment/midterm question at this stage.

2. Only if the appeal was not satisfactorily explained and resolved by the marker, bring your case to the instructor.

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