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HCI Researcher
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Mihai Balea | Portfolio

I completed my thesis based Master's Degree in Computer Science(MCSc) at Dalhousie University in 2016, under supervision of Dr. Derek Reilly. I obtained Honours Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Multimedia University in Malaysia in 2013.
I received my High School Diploma in Mathematics and Physics.

Study abroad, living, working and visiting many countries, such as Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Iran were opportunities for me to know about other cultures.

These days, I am running Deprolabs, a tech startup company in Halifax, with innovation in smart products that use Internet of Things (IoT) to make life better for people. In Deprolabs, we are applying HCI and UbiComp in the products. The Goldoon is a smart device that’s designed to automate the indoor office plants watering process. The device helps offices save up to 75% on plant care costs.

I am particularly interested to do research in Human Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, and Wearable Technologies.

    I (am) interested in / familiar with / have:
  • Investigating User Behavior
  • UX/AR/VR Researcher & Developer
  • Interaction designer
  • Wearable & Mobile Researches
  • Handheld devices
  • Create mockup and Interactive Prototype
  • User-Centered Design
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Conceptual Thinking Skills
  • Professional Presentation Skills


  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1

Mobile Focus + Context (mF+C)- Master Thesis


The concept of Mobile Focus + Context (mF+C) is using a phone to view details of content shown on a mobile projected display. A mobile phone and portable projector can be combined to give a truly mobile information display system.

My Contribution:

  • Identified properties of an mF+C system
  • Created a limited prototype of mF+C system using off-the-shelf hardware
  • Implemented an experimental apparatus as mockup
  • Introduced three interaction techniques
  • Explored how mF+C interaction methods are working in poor context visibility
Year: 2014-2016
Keywords: Large display, Interaction techniques, Focus plus context, Overview + Details,
  • My Work 2
  • My Work 2b
  • My Work 2c
  • My Work 2d
  • My Work 2e
  • My Work 2f
  • My Work 2g
  • My Work 2h

Beach Pong


A grid of LED lights placed on the sand between the player regions also shows the position and heading of the virtual ball.

My Contribution:

  • Created a large low-resolution LED display
  • Using LEDs instead of christmas lights
  • Using pong balls
  • Developed hardware
Year: 2014
Project: Beach Pong
See details
  • My Work 3
  • My Work 3



An interactive map on large display that shows short videos of the route, while the mobile application pointed to the predefined locations. People can record videos and their routes and share it with others.

My Contribution:

  • Developing desktop application
  • Developing AR application for tracking
Year: 2015
Collaboration with: Kim Morgan
Mobile Focus + Context Mobile Focus + Context
Master Thesis
Beach Pong Beach Pong
Nocturne 2014


Research Assistant

  • Interaction Designer
  • Large Displays/Mobile Interaction
  • Familiar with Sensor/Vision based Tracking Systems
  • Familiar with AR/VR solutions
  • Desktop/Mobile/Ubiquitous User Interfaces
  • Information Visualization
  • Familiar with Unity, Vuforia, Intel ReaslSense

Teaching Assistant


  • Data Structure - Winter 16
  • Java Programming - Fall 14,15
  • Robotic&Game Design - Winter,Fall 15
  • Ubiquitous Computing - Summer 15
  • Software Engineering - Summer 15


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