REMINDS (Relevance Mining Detection System)

PI: Alvaro Figueira (DCC/FCUP, University of Porto)

Brief Summary of the Project:

In project REMINDS (Relevance Mining Detection System) we have developed systems to perform an analysis of public information transmitted through Social Networks, to automatically filter and show the information that is potentially relevant to a general audience.

Although Social Networks are a source for a tremendous amount of information, much of the information is either private (yet granting public access in most cases), personal, not important or simply irrelevant to the general audience.

Despite this situation, we have witnessed in the last years many important news and mass opinions on relevant issues being conveyed by social networks, usually surpassing in speed the broadcast through the traditional media of important events.

The main issue that REMINDS tackles is then to create a system capable of detecting, in the social networks sea of data, “relevant information”, while filtering and ignoring private comments and personal information.

  • Start: 2015-04-27
  • End: 2017-11-10
Luis Torgo
Luis Torgo
Canada Research Chair and Professor