Mariana Oliveira is a PhD student at the MAPi Doctoral Programme in Computer Science, hosted at Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto (FCUP) and the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (LIAAD – INESC TEC). Her research currently focuses on predictive analytics for dependent data, supported by an FCT-MAPi grant. Her advisors are Prof. Luís Torgo and Prof. Vítor Santos Costa.

PhD Thesis

Title: Predictive Analytics for Dependent Data

Supervisor: Luis Torgo; Co-supervisor: Vitor S. Costa, University of Porto, Portugal

External Advisor: Annalisa Appice, University of Bari, Italy

MAP-i Doctoral Programme in Computer Science


The main goal of this thesis consists in studying modelling approaches that can handle different types of data dependencies. This involves studying, developing and evaluating methodologies that are able to cope with different classes of contextual dependencies in such a way that this information is taken into account when obtaining predictive models. Different types of data dependencies will be considered in this study, ranging from simple temporal dependencies to more complex contextual information.

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  • Forescasting with Dependent Data
  • Spatiotemporal data analysis
  • Forecasting