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Icicles and water...
old differences dissolved...
drip down together

The wind rustles the bamboo
at my window
in the dark

The speech of insects
and the speeches of men
are heard by different ears

Snow whispering down all day long,
earth has vanished
leaving only sky

First dream of the year
kept it a dark secret
smiling to myself

"Yes, Come in!" I cried...
but out at the snow-hung gate
asking still went on

The thief left it behind
the moon
at my window

On the ebb-tide beach
the hurrying crab stops short...
There is a footprint

I'm very sorry to have to die
at this time
with plum trees in bloom

As froglets they sang like birds...
Now summer is gone
they bark like old dogs

Yes, the young sparrows
when you treat them gently
they will thank you
with their droppings.

Live in simple faith...
just as this trusting cherry
flowers, fade and falls

Do I dare depend upon you
for firm friendship,
dear morning glory

Old one, you're creaking
Under the moon I sit
and listen to your stories

Arise from sleep, old cat,
and with great yawns and stretching
amble out for love

A harsh-rasping saw...
music of cold-poverty
in the winter midnight

Oh How I enjoy
eating a ripe persimmon
while deep, old bells boom!

On the last, long road
when I fall and fail to rise...
I'll bed with flowers

Happy, loving...
when I'm reborn I pray to be
a white-wing butterfly

A small hungry child
told to grind rice, instead
gazes at moonlight

My good father raged
when I snapped the peony...
gracious memory

Three loveliest things-
moonlight, cherry-bloom, and now
I seek silent snow