New Job, New Home

This has been an epic week. I successfully interviewed on Monday for a job at Nunavut Arctic College and I am pleased to say that I am the new instructor for the Computer Systems Technician program at Nunatta campus in Iqaluit.

I started work on Wednesday and met some of the staff. They are really friendly and helpful and if initial vibes are anything to go by, I’m going to love it here. The classroom/lab accommodates 18 students although we will probably start the program with 12. One nice thing about being an IT instructor is that you get to work somewhere with windows rather than the sub-basements and basements where I have been used working.

The week got even better as I picked up the keys for my new apartment on Friday. Not only do I now have my own place to live, a signed lease entitled me to a post box in the Iqaluit Post Office rather than having my mail addressed to general delivery.

The second boat arrived last week and spent a few days offloading. My crate is on the third and final NEAS boat of the 2013 sealift and it was supposed to leave Montreal on 30 Aug. Alas, I checked the NEAS website last night and the revised schedule states that materiel should be on the dockside by 13 Sep for loading. I guess the boat will be three weeks late leaving Montreal and I *really* hope that the temperature is still above freezing when it arrives here otherwise I am going to have a lot of burst liquid containers.


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