Unexpected Trip to Halifax

Instead of finishing off my sealift this week, I spent four days in Halifax. I popped a filling last Thursday and used aeroplan points to get me back east to see my dentist. Dr. Mark Sutherland and his team sorted me out and all is well again. I guess that it goes without saying that being between jobs is fine – being without dental and medical insurance cover is not cool. Luckily I didn’t need major work and the cost was affordable. It would have been a different story if I needed treatment in Nunavut, assuming that there would even be a dentist in the hamlet. The prospect of finding a new doctor and dentist after 12 years in Halifax does not fill me with joy. As I get older, the comfort of having trusted health care professionals is something I no longer take for granted.

I’m back in Ottawa now and I’ll start delivering boxes of personal effects to TSC on Monday and I have a Costco shopping trip booked for Tuesday. TSC will pick up the groceries from Costco and crate them for me and that should be it – packed and ready to go by Friday. The next boat to Iqaluit is the third and last sailing of this year on August 30 and my crate should arrive in Iqaluit mid-September.



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