Sealift Shopping

A friend from Iqaluit is in town this week doing his sealift shopping. I tagged along in the hope that I might stop stressing about paper products and cease counting toilet rolls in my sleep. Costco will give you your own checkout if you give them advance warning of your visit. If you know what you are doing, and he did, it can be a businesslike and straightforward affair. It’s just the quantities are mind-boggling to comprehend for someone who lives alone and is a minimal consumer.

We were in and out of Costco in under 90 minutes and TSC picked up the order the following morning. I would have taken loads of time and shuttled it to TSC; I know better now when my turn comes.

This was shopping trip 1 of 3, so there is lots more to be added to the sealift.

I wonder how other people organize their sealifts?









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