Preparing to move

Deciding in June to relocate to Iqaluit has not been a smart move. No store has winter items on display. I trolled back through the MEC catalogue for X country ski clothing and all the links were broken. So, if you want to come to the North, allow yourself time to purchase clothing when the stores have their winter apparel displayed.

Spontaneous Adventurer 1    Common Sense 0

Having said that, the nice people at Trailhead scoured their basement and I am now the happy owner of a Canada Goose Expedition jacket and some face masks and gloves which would not look out of place at a bank robbery or in a Jason movie.

I still have the sealift to sort out for 28 June but everything is slowly coming together. Here are some pictures of Sarah’s pictures of her sealift from her blog Sarah on the Road. She already had her personal effects, so this was just a re-supply (approx. $5,000) for the coming year to avoid having to pay inflated store prices. How inflated? That’s a topic for another day.

4 thoughts on “Preparing to move

    1. bloguser Post author

      Barrie, I don’t know where I will be sleeping next month; it’s a little early to plan trips down South. It seems common for people up here to go further north and visit friends in other communities. So I would have to say that I won’t be back to Nova Scotia for at least a year. Tell Nanny that I’ll stop by when I visit Halifax. I’d like to see your upgraded lab too!

      1. Barrie

        Please add vodka & Bailey’s to you sea lift as we might visit the North Pole for my 50th next year if you have a spare igloo. ;-)

  1. Sarah

    Welcome to the adventure of living up north…. my sealift from 2011…was about $5,000 but it’s fed me for 2 years…and probably 1 more! so all in all it was money well spent! :)


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