Rollercoaster ride

This weekend has been an emotional rollercoaster ride.

My long-awaited Raspberry Pi arrived on Friday. Its a single board computer slightly larger than a credit card. I bought my first programming computer (BBC ‘B’) just over 30 years ago and the Raspberry Pi is the new kid on the block for teaching programming and STEM in UK schools. I chose the model ‘B’ which costs $35; there is also a simpler $25 model ‘A’ which is targeted at schools. I got the computer for my granddaughter in the hope that she will have some fun learning to program using Scratch, a visual programming language for kids developed by MIT (the program, not the kids).


So, that was the Good. The Bad was drowning my phone with all my contacts and calendars. Luckily I have been a good IT geek and I had the sync’d copy on my laptop. The badder (it’s Father’s Day, indulge me) event was my last Ottawa contra dance. I’ve fallen in love with contra since arriving in Ottawa in December and regret not having tried it sooner. There is a strong sense of community and friendliness with these guys; last night I danced with a five year-old girl, a woman in her seventies and partners of all ages. I am really going to miss dancing and that is something I never thought I would ever say. This is my first sense of loss associated with this relocation and it hurt a little. On the plus side, they will be having a contra dance weekend with the band Perpetual e-Motion later in the year and I would really like to come back for that.  I hear Iqaluit has square dancing, so perhaps all is not lost.

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