Google Street View

Want to take a sightseeing trip around Iqaluit and you live down south? Not a problem from July of this year. The Google Street View team came to Iqaluit in March and gathered the data they needed to map the area.

Unlike their trial project last summer in Cambridge Bay where they used  the Street View Trike to carry the recording equipment, the team decided to visit Iqaluit when there was snow on the ground so they could convey a sense of a land covered in snow. Googlers wearing a custom-built 40lb backpack rig walked around the local roads and trails to gather data. Although there is a Street View Snowmobile, Google hopes as more northern communities are mapped for Street View, only the backpack rig will be shipped to the community and local volunteers will carry out the data gathering.


The Google Street View Trike (image: CambridgeBayWeather)

Google Street View's Karin Tuxen-Bettman crosses the Arctic tundra in Iqaluit

Google Street View team member gathering data in Iqaluit. (image: Google)

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