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An enthusiastic techie from Chennai, India who did his bachelor of technology majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at SRM University. JeyaBalaji is attending grad school at Dalhousie University, Halifax. JeyaBalaji has a strong sense of passion towards computers since childhood. His hobbies include collecting and experimenting open source operating systems, DIY projects, etc. During his course of study at SRM University, he formed a well-balanced technical team capable of creating and deploying software products. This team was responsible for innovating new software products to various organisations. JeyaBalaji is well versed in developing technical architecture for a product to scalability and robustness in deployment. JeyaBalaji is actively looking for opportunities that keep to motivate him in his professional and technical endeavours.


Dalhousie University

Halifax, NS, Canada

Masters of Applied Computer Science

Started grad school on 6th September 2016

2016 - 18

SRM University

Chennai, TN, India

B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

Holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Have gained hands-on experience by contributing to various projects. On the academic side, having a GPA of 7.93/10.

2012 - 16


Hosur, TN, India

Class - 12

An enthusiastic PCM student at the Parimalam Marticulatiion Higher Secondary school,Hosur,India. Passed the class with distinction of 80.09%.

2011 - 12


Hosur, TN, India

Class - 10

A budding Techie experimenting with various science theories at Parimalam Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Passed the class with distinction of 80.0%.

2009 - 10












Nova Scotia Innovation Bootcamp

Halifax, Canada

Team RovBOT

Idea for Development of Artifical Intelligence chatbot selected for incubation. A seed fund of $10,000 was alloted for the team by the Nova Scotia Sandbox Initiative at Acadia university and Shiftkey Labs, Dalhousie University.

May 17 - Aug 17

Dalhousie University

Halifax, Canada

Teaching Assistant

Worked as a teaching assistant for Undergrad and Graduate level Mobile Computing course (CSCI 5708 and CSCI4176) under the supervision of Dr. Raghav Sampangi. Responsible to deliver Android development tutorial during weekly lab sessions, create content for tutorials, marking coding assignments for 60 students.

Jan 17 - May 17

Chebucto Community Network

Halifax, Canada


Volunteered for Chebucto Community Network (provides low-cost internet services for seniors at low income housing) to migrate their existing e-mail server to a reliable and robust solution. Configured Postfix e-mail server with Dovecot(Mail Transfer Agent) and Horde(Webmail Client)

Oct 16 - Dec 16

Shiftkey Labs, Dalhousie University

Halifax, Canada

Associate - Creative Work Group

Memeber of Creative Work Group which is responsible to experiment and fine tune software based innovations. Organized workshop on Android web application development and best practises for Mobile app development.

Sept 16 - Dec 16

HIK Technology Pvt.Ltd

Chennai, India

Project Engineer

Part of the platform development team responsible for building Intelligent Multi- Platform cloud application for online survey. A Cloud-based online survey platform with a self-constructing android application. Gained expertise in JSP,HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, JBoss(Tomcat), Openshift on RHC, JS, Android SDK.

Jan 16 - May 16

LetsDoc Healthcare

Bangalore, India

Android Developper Intern

Developed the app for web based Doctor consulting portal which uses WebRTC. LetsDoc app is purely developed as an Native Android App.

Nov 14 - Jan 15

Target Soft Systems

Chennai, India

Trainee Developer

Developed the “Event Management application” specially for AppDhoom, State Level Competition, An event sponsored by Computer Society of India and TSS.

Jan 14 - May 14


Dalhousie University

Course Project

Directed Studies: Realtime application development using IBM Watson

This study explores IBM developer cloud, which is a leading infrastructure and cognitive intelligence service providers. Our motivation is to understand the Service Oriented Approach architecture delivered by cloud platforms, develop applications using the IBM developer cloud and compare the efficiency of IBM’s services with other vendors. This directed study focusses on practical application development using services from IBM developer cloud using various use-case scenarios. This study also identifies a few real-world use-case scenarios and recommends best-suited cloud services for them. Further, as a last outcome of the study, mobile and web applications were developed to address the use-cases, and the services were tested for efficiency, ease of development, etc., using the developed applications and the development process.

Tech Stack: Java, JSP, Android, IBM Watson, JS, Node.JS

May 2017 - Aug 2017

Dalhousie University

Course Project

Tabletop Tele-presence watchbot

The telepresence tabletop robot can be used as an assistant during an exam or a competition. The robot can be used to communicate between the students and a professor/assistant, and the exam/test can be proctored using the robot. The robot can be used to view the surroundings through the camera of the mobile phone attached to the robot. The robot was built using lego mindstorms kit which can be controlled using a desktop application.

Tech Stack: Lejos SDK, Java, Lego Mindstorms NXT

May 2017 - Aug 2017

Dalhousie University

Course Project

Implementation of Low cost business intelligence system using multi-level k-means algorithm

Business Intelligence system are one of the important tools for any business to traverse their path and move forward. But in reality this sophistication is not affordable by many of the small and medium scale enterprises. This project is an implementation of business intelligence system for small scale enterprises to determine competitor intelligence using a novel algorithm called as "Multi level K-Means algorithm". Multi level K-means is an extended version of classical k-means algorithm where the clustering process is performed with a comparison of certain key parameters until a threshold level is satisfied.

Tech Stack: PHP, Python, Sci-kit learn, HTML, CSS

Jan 2017 - May 2017

Dalhousie University

Course Project

Author Profiling From Keyboard Layouts To Understand User Typing Pattern

Module to capture and analyse typing pattern of users was built using Association rule mining algorithm. These typing patterns can be stored and distributed to other devices or stored as author profile which can be used for various other tasks like mapping mental health model, identification of irregular use of smart phones(Keystroke dynamics), etc.

Tech Stack: Android, Java, Association Rule Mining, Language Modeling

Sept 2016 - Dec 2016

Dalhousie University

Course Project


Crowdsourced wait time prediction application. WAYt is an Android app that will tell users how long they will have to wait in line when going to any food chain, restaurant or any other place that requires service. The app uses crowd-sourced data along to analyze how busy places of interest are. The app also has a function for businesses to indicate how busy they are to help the app hit “critical mass”. An external database was created to handle multiple users’ data.

Tech Stack: Android, Java, Google Maps, MSSQL

Sept 2016 - Dec 2016

SRM University

Course Project

Cloud Based low cost monitoring system.

Monitoring system that uses Mobile Apps and QR codes to Monitor any type of tasks in an corporate environment. Low cost implementation using printed labels of QR code and mobile application to mark the entry/event.

Tech Stack: Android, PHP, MySQL, ZXing

Jan 2015 - May 2015

SRM University

Hobby Project

Student ++

Developed an Android App for Accessing Student information from college's ERP system and helps the students according to their academic needs and performances. Aggregates data from University's ERP Database, gathers insights from the student data and generates rules for maintaining academic status and grades.

Tech Stack: Android, JSP, MySQL, Java, ML-Lib

Jul 2014 - Jan 2015



ISSN : 0974-5645

CAARD: Context Aware App recommendation and Delivery using Decision Support System

Published in Indian Journal of Science and Technology. Context-aware app recommendation mechanism was wrapped in a stand alone engine. This engine is capable of recommending potential users for a particular mobile application based on a various machine learning techniques.

Vol.9, Issue 21


ISSN : 2278-6856

Effcient Accident detection and Rescue System using ABEONA Algorithm.

Published in International Journal of Emerging Trends and Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS). Accident detection system that uses ABEONA Algorithm through VANET to identify and track accidents in road systems.

Vol.3, Issue 5


ISSN: 0973-4562

LOCOBIS: Low-Cost Business Intelligence System

A Low cost business intelligence system that uses various machine learning algorithms to assist and support small scale retail organizations. Published in International Journal of Applied Engineering Research.

Vol.10, Number 22


  • English Proficiency. IELTS 7.0 : L:7.5, W:6.0, R:8.0, S:7.0
  • Certification Course on Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains by University System of Georgia on Coursera.
  • Vice President and Co-Founder of ANDROPEDIA, Android development community, SRM University.
  • Conducted workshops on Android development and API deployment at Andropedia community members in 2014-15.
  • Ardent volunteer and student coordinator of CS bridge course for prospective undergrad students at SRM University
  • Volunteered as public Relations coordinator of National Conference on Recent Research in Advance Computing 2015.
  • Member of the team conducting Exploit the Code (Cyber Security event) in INFOYEZ'14,Computer Science Department Symposium, SRM University, Ramapuram.
  • Member of the campus videography and promotion team, SRM University, Ramapuram.

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