Dhivya Jayaraman

Graduate Student

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About Me

I am a graduate student at Dalhousie University, Canada. I love to work with business intelligence systems, Business application programming, etc. I have a handful of experience in developing and deploying applications using SAP - ABAP. Currently, I am motivated towards augmented reality, visualization, and Mobile applications.



Query Manager (EPI-USE Labs)




Enhancing Data Security in Cloud using Three way Mechanism

Securely share data to a secure Multi owner data sharing scheme, for dynamic groups in the cloud. This involves various algorithms which helps in transferring the data securely.

National Grid PLC

Developed a job splitter module using SAP ABAP - HR to balance the load in the production environment. Developed a system that allocates perks to an employee based on their position and base location.



Anheuser-Busch InBev

Worked with the development team to implement a module that keeps track of expatriate employees. Developed using SAP ABAP - HR Module.

Mobile Weather Application to suggest daily apparel

Developed as a native android application that uses predictive algorithms to suggest daily apparel based on the climate.



Personal shared infrastructure cloud storage using Raspberry Pi

Hosted a shared infrastructure Cloud hosting for three apartments using minimal computing capabilities using Raspberry Pi and OwnCloud.



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