J. Blustein

Research Opportunities and Thesis Topic Suggestions

I am an active researcher looking to supervise research projects and theses.  My research interests are in helping people find and use information more effectively.  Topics within this general area are welcome.  I am always looking for innovative ideas.  Please note that I do not do research in the field of data mining.

I have funding for some students and projects.

Much of my research work is in the HAIKU group's research areas — see the list of opportuniites for research there too.

What I Seek in Students

When I review applications to work with me I look for a well thought-out statement of research goals: an outline of one or more specific research areas or questions that demonstrates the student's preparation and seriousness.  The statement of research should suggest that it could be completed in the time available for a thesis or project.  There is much flexibility in choosing a final topic and approach — they do not have to be what you proposed in your statement as one or both may change over the course of our conversation.


A secondary, but nonetheless important, consideration is external funding.  After all other considerations I prefer applicants who have scholarships but I supervise many students who do not hold scholarships.

To be eligable for a scholarship from Dalhousie's Faculty of Computer Science (FCS) to study for a graduate degree (MCS or PhD) your application must be complete by the application deadline set by the FCS.  The links below will lead you to information about some available scholarships.

Answers to General Questions from Graduate Applicants

For answers to questions such as:


please see my Answers to General Questions from Graduate Applicants webpage.

Other ideas are welcome!

I'm interested in any ideas you might have too.

Topics related to hypertext or digital libraries are especially welcome.

In general, I am interested in any topic that is about helping people to find and use information more effectively.

See also

The research section of my homepage has some information about my research interests and activities. A list of my current and recent research students is available.