J. Blustein

Some Research Resources
for My Graduate Students

1. Quality Bibliographic Sources

1.1 Citation Indexes

1.2 Full-text Databases

1.3 Topic Bibliographies

2. Basic (HCI & Stats) Resources

2.1 Basic HCI Resources

2.2 Basic Stats Resources

3. Some Other Collections

3.1 Miscellaneous

3.2 My Bibliographies

4. Software and Services for Research

5. Important Resources on Campus

5.1 Research Needs

Office of Research Ethics Admin.
HCI experiments and studies are under the jurisdiction of the social science & humanities Board
Stats Consulting Centre
Chase Bldg., Room 213; Tel.: 494-8850
See also Basic Stats Resources above in the Basic Resources section
Dal Library's CS Resource Webpage

5.2 Thesis Help

5.3 Assistance with Writing

Writing Centre (formerly Writing Workshop)
in the Information Commons, in the Killam library
Tel.: 494-1963
English as a Second Language (ESL) Support
See the Writing Centre, above for links
Both the Computer Science Student Society and the university's International Student Office sometime co-ordinate informal programmes to help students with written and spoken English
a bibliography management tool
Note: when citing an article online (in the ACM digital library or from Science Direct for example) you should always include the DOI but not the URL
Oxford English Dictionary
Style advice
Three Sins of Authors in Computer Science and Math by Jonathan Shewchuk

5.4 If nothing else works…

Dal homepage
The indexes and search functions might help
list of all the webpages for and about my graduate students
Some of the project webpages include additional references too
faculty reseach resources (password protected)


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