Web-centric Computing

Assignment 1: Install and Configure Web Server


To gain experience and familiarity with WWW software. To provide a platform for later assignments.


Fri. 05 January
Wed. 17 January


  1. Part One: Install Your Own Web Server
    1. make a ~/bin/4173 directory for yourself
    2. get a copy of the latest stable version of the Apache server from <URL:http://httpd.apache.org/>
    3. install the server in your ~/bin/4173 directory
    4. keep a copy of the install log and any configuration files you used
    5. start the server running on a random port and leave it running for the duration of the course
    6. bring the port number and your name to class on the due date
  2. Part Two: Create Your Own Website


The criteria given above are the baseline (B+) for the assignment. Anything you do above of those could increase your overall points for this assignment such as minimizing Priority 2 errors, sensible use of CSS, etc..

Advice and Help


Bring the port number and your name to class on the due date. You will be using that server all semester.

05 January 2006
CS 4173 Prof:
J. Blustein <jamie@cs.dal.ca>
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