Some Anti-phonetic Alphabets

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My Personal Favourites and Noteable Alphabet Webpages

Note that some entries from other lists are included in my list (as noted with source links).  Collections in Usenet posting threads, etc. are below.

Anti-Phonetic Alphabet
From Wikipedia
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I think Wikipedia pages about such topics (especially deleted Wikipedia pages) are notable.
Pessimal spelling alphabets
by Tristan Miller
a pre-print of an article in Word Ways: The Journal of Recreational Linguistics (Vol. 46, No. 2, Article 18, pp. 154–156, May 2013).
Word Ways is an impressive publication.
Representations of the Latin (English) Alphabet
By Robert Montante
I like this because it summarizes other lists, including mine.
The Disher Phonetic Alphabet
Anonymously collected (based on the television programme Monk
I like the format and the fact that this is a fan site.
The Nearly Anacrophonic Phonetic Alphabet
By Everett Howe
Appears, to me, to be a serious project and I like the pronounciation hints.
Phonetic Alphabet in Things I Really Like (And Some I Don't)
I like the introductory text.
A New Phonetic Alphabet: For those who don't like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, …
Also in brief and a PDF version (which might not be current)
By J. Blustein
Copyright J. Blustein, 2005–2018

Some Other Alphabet Webpages

Collections in Usenet posting threads, etc. are below.

The Anti-Phonetic Alphabet
By Vicki Rosenzweig
Copyright , Vicki Rosenzweig
antiphonetic alphabet [at]
By Greg Hewgill <>
Phonetic and Anti-Phonetic Alphabet List [at]
By Andrew Patton
Copyright Andrew Patton
LPWS New Phonetic Alphabet (at The Laughing Policeman Wireless Society)
Phonetic Alphabets
By John Smathers(?)
The Evil (Non-)Phonetic Alphabet (at Weekend Engineering)
By Phillip King
The Nasty Alphabet
Copyright by Andrew Arensburger
User:Mr.Atoz/Anti-Phonetic Alphabet
From Wikipedia
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Alternate Phonetic Alphabet by Jeffrey Sward
Jeffrey Sward
All content copyright Jeffrey Sward 1975-2018
The non-phonetic alphabet
Brent Bushnell
A Non Phonetic Alphabet
By AA Petersen
Published by AA Peterson on
We'll Always Have Charlie
By Jerry V. Haines
[untitled] (at
By unknown
The New Phonetic Alphabet - The Final List!
By Johnny Vaughan
Phonetic Alphabets
Anonymous and undated
Comment: List of alphabets
An Alternative Phonetic Alphabet
By Rich Wilson
Non Phonetic Alphabet (in MY SMALL BOAT)
My Phonetic Alphabets (a list of many alphabets)
By Christopher Chris Herdt
Last updated
Ed Hunter: The Recruiter's Phonetic Alphabet
By Ed Hunter
The Non-Phonetic Alphabet
By Hannah Sterry
Anti-Phonetic Alphabet: A is for Apple, Redux [at]
By Erik K. Antonsson
Last Updated:
The Watkins Phonetic Alphabet
© 1994-2009 Justin Watkins
Non-phonetic Alphabet
By Peter Horwood
© Copyright 1996-2018 All Rights Reserved Peter Horwood
Comment: I particularly like O as in Oestrogen
Straight or Twisted Letters: The Phonetic and Non-Phonetic Alphabet
By unknown
Oct 7 (no year)
The un-phonetic alphabet (in Confessions of a Digital Packrat)
By Brian Fitzpatrick [at]
By Alex Holt
The Rod Jones On-line Art Gallery, Blues Pages and Magazine - Alphabets
The Cockney alphabet and The new Police Phonetic Alphabet
Aisle Bdellium Ctenoid - Macchiato
By Mark Davis
An Adults' A B C and An Idiots' A B C [at]
By Jonathan Coxhead (with Andrew Swaine, Jón Fairbairn, Jeremy Henty, Jonathan Griffiths, Rachel Hewson)
Phonetic Alphabet of Confusion (in Welcome to Bordedom…)
By Robert Jacobson
Comment: I appreciate the comments interspersed with the entries because I think it shows the seriousness of the (essentially frivolous) endeavour
Anti-Phonetic Alphabet [at]
By Erik K. Antonsson
Last Updated:
A as in Aisle (see also K as in knife)
By F. Grahame Murray
Posted on
K as in knife [at] (see also A as in Aisle)
By Michael Kimsal with F. Grahame Murray
New International Radio Operators Alphabet
♥ 2002 - 2009 Solairis
The Mispronounced Phonetic Alphabet
[unknown author]
The Devil's Alphabet
By Ben Teitelbaum
The worst phonetic alphabet
By Dennis Jordan


Usenet postings, etc. of such alphabets are available from:

Phonetic alphabets, wordlists, texts, word frequency
By Brian Kelk
The Cockney Alphabet
Jonathon Green introduces Paul Bommer’s print, and adds much more
The un-phonetic alphabet [on MetaFilter]
David Glover-Aoki began the thread
Please help me create an un-phonetic alphabet.
The Straight Dope user Emilio Lizardo
Bizarre Phonetic Alphabet (in net.bizarre)
Silly spelling alphabets [a collection of Usenet posts]
collected by Brian Kelk(?)
Phonetic Alphabet Sponsored [at The Spoof!]
By IainB
The Obfuscated Phonetic Alphabet
first post by rcousine at
Non-Phonetic alphabet
By Karl Johanson et al.
Anti Phonetic Alphabet
discussion started by digital0ak on
From Austerity to Zionist, our new A-Z: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN imagines a new phonetic alphabet after a Mail reader was told off for using the phrase Z for Zulu by the DWP [article in the Daily Mail]
By Richard Littlejohn for the Daily Mail
Published: 19:08 EST, 24 August 2015 | Updated:
P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever [book]
data from Amazon website
text by Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter
colour drawings (one per letter) by Maria Beddia
ISBN 978-1492674313
published in
Sample entry

J is for Jai Alia.

Juanita and Bjorn happily played jai alia before eating fajitas in Jaurez.


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