History of J. Blustein's Homepage

File Formats

On 24 May 1999, to conserve disk space, I converted all of the HTML files to a compressed format, using gzip.

Pre-historical versions

A long time ago, I had a different homepage that I used just for the my masters thesis project. That document was written using what is now laughingly called HTML version 1.0. It was tested with the CERN linemode browser (still a favourite of mine, by the way). I have a copy of those documents on tape but I'm not willing to subject anyone's browser to them. They didn't even work right with the first version of Mosaic (which came much later). At the time, no one else I knew had ever heard of the WWW.

For a long time after I completed that thesis I didn't have a homepage. I really didn't see the point. I certainly had nothing to say to the world (except in the occasional Usenet posting). Then I had an article published in Dr. Dobb's Journal and I needed some way to tell interested readers about updates so I hooked up with my department's web server (they had heard of the WWW by then). Eventually, I added more files and decided that at README style index would be a good addition. Later I realized that the index was really what my homepage should be, and so something like version 1.0 was born.

I've used my homepage to play with many aspects of HTML, especially TITLEs and LINKs because I think they are the most hypertext like part of HTML. Too bad they aren't well supported.

This is rather a lot of introduction to what is ostensibly a history list, so as my former officemate Pete used to quote `shutting up now'.

Historical versions

  1. version 1.0
  2. version 2.0 (18 October 1995)
  3. version 3 & Javascript version (11 Oct 1999)

J. Blustein <jamie@csd.uwo.ca>