About J. Blustein

I was a student in the department of Computer Science at the University of Western Ontario until 1999 when I completed my PhD. Now I am an associate professor of Computer Science and Information Management at Dalhousie (in Halifax, Nova Scotia). I take my Judaism seriously. Although those facts don't wholly define who I am, I thought you'd like to know.

And yes, I do try to guard my privacy online. How did you guess?

Research Interest

My research interests include hypertext applications, information seeking (helping people to find and use information), and human-computer interaction. For my PhD I developed a method of evaluating hypertext links within scholarly articles and compared two methods of automatically generating hypertext links. My MSc thesis was about possible methods for automatically evaluating the quality of hypertext links. Abstracts from my publications are available online.

Other Main Interests

J. Blustein

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