Scholarly Resources for CompSci Undergrads

This document is intended primarily for undergraduate students in computer science. It contains references that I hope are useful to them. Readers who are not at UWO may want to skip directly to the general section.

For UWO Students

N.B.: Get some expert learning skills advice from the Student Development Centre in the UCC! Even if you find nothing else helpful in what I have to say about books, recreation, programming, etc. go to the centre ASAP and learn how to study. You can save yourself days of studying and many marks.

On the Web

The department maintains lists of course calendars and notes for some courses in UWO CSD.


Many courses have newsgroups for announcements and discussion. All of those newsgroups have names like uwo.csd.cs[0-8][0-9][0-9]. For example, CS 175 has a newsgroup named uwo.csd.cs175.

There are also two special newsgroups for the computer science department:

For Everyone


I have recommendations for books (and other references) about:

[NEW!] I also have a dynamic version of my references list.

I've made lists of all my files about The C Programming Language and hypertext to help you (and me) find them quicker.


In addition to the references here, you may find some of the links in my hotlist and collected advice about debugging useful too. I have a short list of things to do without computers too.

Prof. Bob Webber created a suggested reading list for anyone who wants to earn a post-graduate degree in Computer Science. The readings have been carefully organized over a five year span (12 books/year). I have a copy of the 19 May 1995 version (which was still current in January 1996).

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