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This is a shortcut to the program code I have available through my publications list. Links here lead to descriptions of the articles where the code appeared. If you want the code after reading the descriptions then you can get it by following links from there, or by following the shortcuts. I also have links to other code of mine which is not listed in my publications list.

Bit vectors in C
Keywords: bit array, bit vector, bit mask, C
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    Updated entry for the Free numerical software in C and C++ list:
    ftp://ftp-nlpir.nist.gov/pub/irstat/irstat.tar.gz (about 3500 Kb)
    [later moved to http://www-nlpir.nist.gov/projects/irstat.tar.gz]
    Written for Solaris but it has been compiled under Linux and SunOS. An AIX version required a few changes but not many. The documentation discusses the O/S specific code.
    ANSI C except that there are three arguments to main(). This is unnecessary and will be removed in the next release.
    J. Blustein <jamie@csd.uwo.ca>
    1.02 (released 30 August 1995)
    Descriptive and analytic statistics for the TREC IR trials.
    information retrieval recall precision Tukey
    printed overview available as a Postscript file and an HTML version of that file.
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    This is a shortcut to the program code that is not available through my publications list. Links here lead to the code at my web site. I also have links to code that appears in my publications list above.

    An Example of Data Encapsulation in C
    Keywords: encapsulation, data structure, C
    A brief example of data encapsulation using the C programming language. The example comes from an article P.J. Plauger wrote. The document includes references to articles by Bobby Schmidt about several methods of encapsulation in C.

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