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Unless a change is announced here, the deadlines are in the guide (for the project) and the syllabus (for tests, and so on).

Readings for the lectures and in-class discussions are listed in the schedule part fo the syllabus; Readings for the project are in its guide.  Most of the readings that are not in the textbook are available from

Updates for Fall 2014/15

02 October
Task Analyses will be due on Th. 09 Oct at noon.
22 September
  1. Two homework assignments are at the website.
  2. The POET handout has been updated with an improved definition of user interface.
20 September
Grading schemes for the first six project phases are at the website.
18 September
  1. The User and Needs analyses will be due on Thursday 24 September.
  2. You need to study one group (not two) for the user analysis.
  3. The Additional Readings at have been updated.
10 September
Note that contrary to what the slides for UE Lifecycle Models indicate, the goal of early analysis activities are to describe the requirements for products that are to be developed. Early analysis activities are never about describing how a product will act or how it will look.

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