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Unless a change is announced here, the deadlines are in the guide (for the project) and the syllabus (for tests, and so on).

Readings for the lectures and in-class discussions are listed in the schedule; Readings for the project are in its guide.  Most of the readings that are not in the textbook are available from

Updates for Fall 2013/2014

03 Decemebr
Slides from review session
28 November
Please consider granting me permission to show other students your project binders.
26 November

Presentations will begin tomorrow.  Each group will have 15 minutes to present plus up to 5 minutes more to answer questions.  Presentations could continue on Thursday too.

The order of presentations will be:

  1. Group #5,
  2. Group #2,
  3. Group #6,
  4. Group #3,
  5. Group #4, and finally
  6. Group #1.

21 November
  1. You are allowed to conduct user testing with other students in this class without specific approval from the Ethics Authority.  If you do use your co-students then you must identify them a such in your analysis of testing.
  2. There will be a surprise quiz during Tuesday's class.
18 November
  1. We will be using IRC for real-time communication in class. Details when we next meet.
  2. The Innovative UIs section has been updated
  3. Updated Schedule
    Date Topics
    19 Nov.
    20 Nov. Demonstrations begin
    21 Nov. Demonstrations continue
    26 Nov.
    27 Nov. Presentations begin
    28 Nov. Presentations conclude
    03 Dec. Review
14 November

Private demonstrations will be held on Wednesday and Thursday next week. The demonstration schedule has been posted.

Group 6 should arrive by 11 a.m. on Wednesday in case their demo can be completed early.

12 November
  1. Reminder: Review of midterm test questions tomorrow (Wed. 13 Nov.)
  2. You are strongly encouraged to complete Studying for Success's initial self-assessment form to help you decide what you would like from Student Academic Success Services.
05 November
  1. Extension: Testing Strategy due Tuesday at noon.
  2. No formal meeting on Wednesday, but Daniel will be available in the classroom to review your work informally
  3. Video(s) to watch in your own time
  4. Information for QUIS is available
  5. I recommend that you read Jared Spool's article Five Prevalent Pitfalls when Prototyping
29 October
  1. Form fill-in comments (PDF file)
  2. The form fill-in is due Wednesday at 5:35 p.m. (by e-mail).
  3. Agenda for Wednesday's meeting:
    • Brief discussion of Ch. 15 (and Ch. 7)
    • Informal review and comments on design documents
15 October
  1. There will be a lab this week
  2. Revised task analyses are due at the start of this Thurs.'s class (17 Oct.)
  3. Design Documents are now due on Halloween (Thurs. 31 Oct.)
09 October
The form fill-in assignment is online. It is due on Wed. 16 Oct. at noon.
09 October
An error in the schedule has been corrected.
06 October

During class time on Tuesday (08 Oct.), your TA (Daniel) will be in the meeting room to share successful task analyses (HTAs) from previous classes with you.

If you cannot attend on Tuesday then he might be able to meet with you on Wednesday.

He will also be ready to offer you advice about specific questions if you bring your draft HTAs to show him.

01 October
  1. POET assignment due on Monday at noon
  2. No lab this week
30 September
  1. The exam schedule has been posted (by the Registrar's Office).  Our exam is scheduled for 15:30–18:30 on Tues. 10 Dec.  I am told that the location of the exam will be revealed before 02 Nov.
  2. There will be no formal class meeting on Tues. 08 Oct. to give you more time to work on your task analyses.
26 September
  1. updated schedule available.
  2. The two assignments that are due today may be submitted up to 24 hours late without incurring any late penalty; but if they are submitted more than 24 hours late there will be the usual penalty. Furthermore, assignments that were submitted on time today will receive a bonus of half a grade point.
24 September
  1. updated schedule available. Further details will be forthcoming.
  2. Tomorrow's guest lecturer's (PowerPoint) slides are in the Misc lectures
  3. Tomorrow is Pink Day
  4. Reminder: the confidential and individual groupwork assessment form is in the Project part of the website
    • Due 24 hours after submission of User & Needs analyses
19 September
Today and Tuesday's lecture/discussion will be Psychology of Everyday Things
Assigned Readings are in the slides
Wednesday's (25 Sept.) lab/tutorial will continue the Early Analysis Activities lecture and activities
Assigned Readings are in the slides
17 September
Your first assignment has been posted. It is to completed individually (not in groups) and submitted using the website by the start of class on Thursday (19 September).
16 September
The list of project groups is online. You will need the username and password to read the list.
15 September
  1. All of the (optional and required) additional readings are now available in the FCS moodle site
  2. The guest lecture/activity has been moved to 25 September.

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