J. Blustein

Dalhousie U. CSCI 1107 — Social Computing

(Fall 2017-2018)

General information about CSCI 1107

CSCI 1107 is an undergraduate course.  This webpage links to a few sample materials from J. Blustein's version of the class.  Other professors might also have webpages for their versions of the class, however all versions must conform to the calendar description below.

A hands-on course on technologies and the underlying infrastructure for social computing, including digital collaboration media, social networks and visualization, and their social impact.  Students will use various applications, such as Twitter, YouTube, and wikis to examine their functionalities, and explore infrastructure technologies including databases, computer networks and Web-servers that facilitate their execution. Dalhousie Undergraduate Calendar

Specific information

For Others

Materials from the Fall 2016 offering are below.  Current and future courses may differ substantially from previous versions.

Version: 2016-09-05-2b
PDF file, approx. 3.7Mb
Voluntary student information form
Version: 2016-08-24
PDF file, approx. 223Kb
Presentation grading form
Version: 2016-08-17
PDF form file, approx. 173Kb