The Future of Computer Annotation

A Workshop at ACM Hypertext 2016 in Halifax (Canada)

Annotation is being recognized as an essential practice of reflective reading and knowledge-building. Projects are underway at severals institutions to develop tools for scholars and students to annotate online. Much of the work on computer-based annotation to date has been to develop hypothetical frameworks upon which the architecture of tools will be built or on the of tools without sufficient study of the needs of potential users.

What the workshop will achieve

In this workshop we will develop a research framework deliniating what has been done and especially what needs to be done in annotation. The framework will address which research questions remain unanswered, define the pressing questions or those that need to be re-formulated; this agenda should drive research on annotation in the near future.

Who should attend and participate

Specifically we seek researchers with experience using annotation technology (themselves or through observation), developers and researchers with novel approaches to annotation, researchers and theoreticians with a record of studying annotation.

Types of submissions invited

Submissions may include brief position papers or system descriptions (less than 4 pages including figures), research proposals and original research (less than 8 pages including figures and references). One of our goals is to have revised versions of all submissions appear in a special issue of a journal or edited collection.

Workshop format

The workshop will involve some authors presenting their papers and demonstrating their systems with a moderated roundtable discussion based on all the submissions. The workshop will prepare an agenda for future work in computer-based annotation.


Jamie Blustein (primary contact)
Dalhousie University
Ann-Barbara Graff
NSCAD University

Important Dates

For submission date see the ACM Hypertext 2016 conference website.

The workshop will be on Sunday 10 July 2016 in Halifax (Canada).