Israat Haque

Associate Professor
Faculty of Computer Science

Office: Goldberg 320, Email: israat AT dal DOT ca, Phone: (902) 494-1695
I am an associate professor in the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University, Halifax,  where, I lead Programmable and Intelligent Networking (PINet) research group. PINet members work in the areas of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and the Internet of Things (IoT) focused on the performance, security, and reliability aspects of wired and wireless networked systems. I am also interested in applying data-driven approaches (AI/ML/DL) to solve practical and relevant problems.
I received my Ph.D. degree from the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta. Subsequently, I held an NSERC post-doctoral position at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Riverside, before joining Dalhousie University. I am actively involved in the organizing committee of IEEE ICNP, IEEE CloudNet, IEEE CNSM, IEEE NetSoft, ACM CAN-CWiC, and IFIP Networking. Furthermore, I served as an area editor of the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology and am currently an Editor of the Internet of Things Series of the IEEE Communications Magazine (ComMag).

I am not hiring any new students at this moment.


  • Dec 2022: "A Deep Neural Network-based Communication Failure Prediction Scheme in 5G RAN" is accepted at IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management. Congratulations, Arif and Hisham.
  • Nov 2022: I am honored and delighted to receive the Thinking Forward Award from Nova Scotia tech forward award 2022.
  • Oct 2022: "Adaptive Control for Security and Resilience of Networked Cyber-Physical Systems: Where Are We?" is accepted at IEEE TPS.
  • Oct 2022: I am the Nova Scotia tech forward awards finalists in the Thinking Forward category.
  • Sept 2022: I am going to give a keynote talk at IEEE LatinCom 2022 .
  • Aug 2022: “NetGVT: Offloading Global Virtual Time Computation to Programmable Switches" is accepted at ACM SOSR. Congratulations, Ricardo.
  • Aug 2022: Our research proposal, "Making AI inference coordination fast and cheap using switching ASICs," is a finalist in the Network for AI Research competition from Meta.
  • Aug 2022: “BlueTiSCH: A Multi-PHY Simulation of Low-Power 6TiSCH IoT Networks" is accepted at IEEE Globecom. Congratulations, Chloe and Lareina.
  • June 2022: “Towards Portable End-to-End Network Performance Characterization of SmartNICs" is accepted at ACM APSys. Congratulations, Hesam and Tong.
  • April 2022: “Accelerator-Aware In-Network Load Balancing for Improved Application Performance" is accepted at IEEE/IFIP Networking. Congratulations, Hesam and Ricardo.
  • Feb 2022: Our research proposal, "Securing home IoT devices at the Terabits per second scale," won the Fast Forward Initiative competition from Intel Research. Thanks, Intel.
  • Jan 2022: Our research proposal, "Scaling Multimodal Big Data Analytics at the Programmable Network Edge," won the VPRI research competition at Dalhousie University. Thanks, Miguel, Dr. Matwin, and Dr. Alberto (UFRGS).
  • Jan 2022: I am an Editor of the Internet of Things Series of the IEEE Communications Magazine (ComMag). Please submit your work.
  • Dec 2021: “IoT Device Fingerprinting on Commodity Switches" is accepted at IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2022. Congratulations, Carson and Miguel.
  • Nov 2021: I am happy to share that our proposed project, "EDRON: Edge-based object detection at sub-RTT scale," was one of the finalists in the Facebook's research competition.
  • Oct 2021: “Raptor: Rapid prototyping of distributed stream processing applications at scale" is accepted as an extended abstract at ACM CoNEXT. Congratulations, Monzurul and Miguel.
  • Sept 2021: “On Network-accelerated ML-based Distributed Computer Vision Systems" is accepted at IEEE ICPADS. Congratulations, Hisham, Carson, and Miguel.
  • Sept 2021: “Characterizing Network Performance on Single-node Large-scale Container Deployments" is accepted at IEEE CloudNet. Congratulations, Conrado and Miguel.
  • Aug 2021: “Development and Testing of an OFDM Physical Layer for the DESERT Simulator" is accepted at IEEE OCEANS. Congratulations, Sara and Dipon.
  • Aug 2021: "SoftIoT: A Resource-aware SDN/NFV-based IoT Network" is accepted at Journal of Network and Computer Applications. Congratulations, Dipon.
  • July 2021: I am in Dal news Meet the 2021 President’s Research Excellence Award Winners.
  • June 2021: I am honored to receive the IEEE/ACM N2Women 2021 Rising Star award.
  • June 2021: Another recognition!!!!! The President’s Research Excellence Awards for Emerging Investigators from Dalhousie University.
  • May 2021: I received Dean's Research Excellence Award from the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University.

Current Research Project

Selected Recent Publications (Google Scholar)

Current Members of PINet

  • Ioanis Nikolaidis (Visiting professor from University of Alberta)
  • Elie El Haber (Ericsson-Mitacs PDF)
  • Miguel Neves (NSERC-DRDC PDF)
  • Emmanuel Etti (PhD, with Dr. Stan Matwin)
  • Conrado Boeira (PhD)
  • Ricardo Parizotto (PhD, with Dr. Schaeffer-Filho, UFRGS, Brazil)
  • Monzurul Amin (PhD)
  • Carson Kuzniar (PhD)
  • Mishkatul Alam (PhD, with Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh, U of California, Riverside)
  • Hesam Tajbakhsh (PhD)
  • Ghazal Sobhani (MSc, with Dr. Tushar Sharma)
  • Chengyan Jiang (MSc)
  • Burhanuddin Murtaza Rangwala (MSc)
  • Han Yang (MSc)
  • Kazi Hasan (MSc)
  • Tasneem Hoque (BSc Honors)
  • Mirazul Islam (BSc Honors)

Past Members of PINet

    Graduate students
  • Mahdi Rabbani (Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity)
  • Jack Zhao
  • M. Ariful Islam (Yuga)
  • Hisham Siddique (IBM)
  • Meysam Shojaee (IATA)
  • Miheer Kulkarni (BMO)
  • Dipon Saha (Cisco)
  • Tahajjat Begum (Walmart)
  • MA Moyeen (Faculty in Bangaldesh)
  • Fangye Tang (SE in China)
  • Udaya Lekhala (Google)
  • Cindy Yan (IT consultant in China)
    Undergraduate students
  • Hassaan Asif (ugrad student at Dal))
  • Weiye Liang (Graduate student at the University of British Columbia)
  • Lareina Yang (ugrad student at Dal)
  • Chloe Bae (REDspace)
  • Alice Liu (Nova Scotia Govt.)
  • Pulkit Garg (Kaloom)
  • Carson Kuzniar (Grad student at Dalhousie)
  • Christophe Goulet-LeBlanc (Quest)
  • Syed Babak Lopez (Amazon)
  • Shreya Gautam (BSc)
  • Karmabir Chakraborty (BSc)
  • Harsh Kaushik (BSc)