Information for prospective applicants to join the MALNIS research group

I have no available positions in the Fall 2023 for incoming Master, post-Master PhD and post-Bachelor PhD students (i.e. not already in the program). 

If you are already a student at Dalhousie, kindly follow steps 1a-d below, including your Dalhousie transcript (informal is ok). I will respond to you for a possible appointment after I review your information.

Process for applicants to follow:

1. Send me an email to that contains a link to a Google Drive (or Dropbox or other online storage) folder containing
a. A brief cover letter (up to 300 words) with your interest in research and why you think you are a strong prospective graduate student. Name this file "1-cover-letter.pdf"
b. your academic resume, including the full references of your publications, and the links to their online versions. Detailed guidelines on the academic CV are available here (p 1-2). Name this file "2-CV.pdf"
c. your publications in pdf. Name these files "3a-publication title.pdf", "3b-publication title.pdf" etc.
d. your transcripts from all university degrees (both Bachelor and Master, as applicable) in pdf. Name these files "4a-Bachelor transcript.pdf", "4b-Master transcript.pdf" etc.
e. please make the online folder readable by anyone with the link, so that I can share it with colleagues, with whom you might be a better fit.
Please do not send these files to me as email attachments.
If you have sent me an earlier email, please send me the email with the link to your material as a response to the original email you sent, so that all our correspondence stays in a single email thread.

2. I will get back to you only if there is a fit between your skills and my research group within two weeks, to arrange for an online interview about your research background and interests. Please do not keep sending me email if you do not get a response.

3. If the online interview indicates a promising match, we will move to the next step, which is drafting together a research proposal. I will be happy to work with you on drafting a good research proposal that aligns with your background, your interests and the research in my group. Your proactive participation in writing the research proposal is required. Detailed guidelines on the research proposal are available here.

4. I require that you have applied for the Harmonized Scholarship Program before I agree to supervise you. The deadline is Jan 15.  This means that steps 1-3 above must be completed before Jan 15. If you missed the information session, you can watch its recording on YouTube.