Guidelines for the Final Report

Due Date: Last Day of Classes

Page Limits: n <= 25

(from the graduate Machine Learning course Nathalie Japkowicz taught at Dalhousie U.)

General Guidelines

Here is a set of guidelines which, I hope, will assist you in the writing of your final project report. As a general rule, your report should be understandable by anyone with a reasonable understanding of machine learning but who doesn't know the particular approaches or the data that you used. As well, as you write, you should try to imagine that you are conversing with a very interactive reader (who doesn't know anything about your project but who wants to find out everything!). Try to be this reader and to guess all the questions s/he would ask you and all the challenges s/he would have for you. Then incorporate your answers to these questions and challenges in your report so that, hopefully, you will have pre-empted many of your (real) readers' questions.


In addition to the introduction and conclusion (which can be thought of as summaries of your study directed at a general audience, but with more emphasis on your motivations in the case of the introduction and more emphasis on your results and their implications in the case of the conclusion), your report should contain: Good Luck!