Points to note when submitting a travel claim:

  1. Please remember to submit a copy together with original receipts to Margie for all travel claims.
  2. Please email me the filled travel claim form (ask me for it if you do not have it). I will send you the account number to charge, and
    I will let Margie know that everything is OK, and she can sign it for me.
  3. If your travel includes a personal portion, the extra days of your trip (hotel/per diem/transport) cannot be charged to a grant.
  4. Per diem should not include meals provided by the conference.
  5. Per diem for trips abroad follows the government of Canada per diem rates, which can be quite generous. My policy is to follow the Canadian per diems for most trips abroad, unless you had some actual expenses that are hard to account for (e.g. bus tickets, a minibus fare for which no receipt was given, etc.) in which case it is easier to absorb them in the per diem.
  6. For currency conversions, I take the amounts off the credit card statements. If currency conversion is needed for expenses not on the credit card statement, I take the closest conversion rate from the statement or use the Bank of Canada conversion tool.
  7. If your conference trip is part of a longer trip that includes additional personal flights, which you include on a single ticket,
    get a quote for the trip Halifax-conference return (at the same economy fare), and claim the amount of the quote.
  8. You still have to keep your boarding passes, which is easiest if you do web checkin and save the boarding pass in pdf form.
    If you are in a hotel, you can email the pdf form to your hotel and they will be happy to print it for you.
    You can still print a paper boarding pass at the airport, even if you have done a web checkin.
  9. If you have no physical receipt as proof of payment of your airfare, hotel, train etc. you need to submit a copy of your credit card statement.