Journal RSS feeds are a great way to stay on top of the publication streams in your research area. The instructions below apply to users of Google Reader (one of the services Google offers, which are listed at the top of your Gmail window). Instruction below were currently provided by Gwendolyn MacNairn, the CS Librarian at Dalhousie.

Here are my RSS feed bundles, for your information:

Journals: AI - Machine Learning
Journals: Text Information Systems
Journals: Visual Analytics

Many Journals have an RSS feed link in their home page.

These include the journals in the SpringerLink, ScienceDirect and IEEE DL repositories.
The RSS URL can be copied and pasted into your Google Reader,
Add a subscription => paste a feed URL

Most Journal feeds will be found using these instructions.

From within Google Reader:

1) In the upper left corner, click on
Add a subscription

2) Enter search terms to find feed.
For example, your journal request search for
Springer Knowledge and Information Systems
[Press Enter]

3) Pick from results list, the "International Journal by Springer"
and Subscribe to the feed by clicking on [ +Subscribe] button

Note: You can place this feed into a named folder.
This makes it easier to manage.

ACM Journal feeds can be obtained from TicTocs

This service is free, provided by JISC, the Joint Information Systems Committee from the UK. You can setup an account with them (if you want), but I choose to use it as a portal for getting rss feeds.

Instructions on how to do this are below.

Be forewarned that this is a multi-step work-around for getting rss feeds for the Table of Contents of 76 ACM publications.
Once selected, they can be delivered to your Google Reader account.

Start with your Google Reader open

Then open another tab in your browser
and go to this site:

You start with a 3-panel display:
In the left panel, it will say
Search for TOCs

Select Publisher (drop-down)
contains [acm]
click [Go]

76 title from ACM

Click on + symbol to list titles.

This is a multi-page, scrollable list.

Any title can be selected and the TOC will display in the middle panel.

In the middle panel, top right corner,
there is a button to [Export feed to...]

From the list that is displayed, pick Google.