CSCI 2140.03
Data and Knowledge Fundamentals
part B: Knowledge Fundamentals
(part A: Databases)

Instructor: Evangelos E. Milios
e-mail: prof2140 at

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Course Outline and Overview

Calendar description and prerequisites

Lectures (*.pdf)


Alison Cawsey: "The Essence of Artificial Intelligence", Prentice Hall, 1998, ISBN: 0135717795

Reference books:

Nils J. Nilsson: "Artificial Intelligence : A New Synthesis", Morgan Kaufman Publishers (April 1998); ISBN: 1558604677

S. Russell, P. Norvig: "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach", Prentice Hall, 1995, ISBN: 0 13 103805 2

M. Watson: "Intelligent Java Applications for the Internet and Intranets", Morgan Kaufmann, 1997.

Web Resources

American Association for Artificial Intelligence: Links to Resources -- AI Topics -- AI In the News
NRC IIT AI Resources
Russ Greiner's AI course at the Univ. of Alberta
B-Course: A Bayesian Data Analysis tutorial (Univ. of Helsinki)
CI-space: Tools for Learning Computational Intelligence (UBC)

Prolog for Linux, Windows and Mac

Grading Scheme:

Assignments (3): 30% (10% each)
Final exam: 70% (2 hours, during final exam period)

The above is for the Knowledge Fundamentals part only, and counts as 50% of the course grade. The Data Fundamentals (databases) part has its own three assignments and exam towards the remaining 50% of the course grade.

Late assignments are only acceptable when accompanied by valid written documentation about the reason of the delay (e.g. illness of student, death in the family). Deferred deadline for submitting the assignment must be requested on the first day after the reason for the delay ceases to exist. Doctor's note must state the dates of illness.

Cover pages of assignments: They should be typed with the following information in the upper left corner of the page:
CSCI 2140
Section 1:00pm or 4:00pm
Last Name: ____________
First Name: ____________
Banner no: _____________
Borg login id: ____________
Cover pages not conforming to the above will result in a letter grade reduction on the assignment grade.

Please familiarize yourself with the Faculty's Plagiarism Policy. Every suspected case of plagiarism will be referred to the Senate Discipline committee, and the standard penalty for a first offence is failure in the course.

The Final exam for the Knowledge Fundamentals part will be scheduled during the final exam period by the Registrar (April 12-26). You are requested not to plan any travel during that time before the final exam date has been announced. No early examinations will be given. No makeup examinations will be given except for health reasons.

Weekly schedule

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