MEC Internship Report

Report Submission. At the end of an internship, you need to submit an internship report to the executive committee for a final approval of the internship. The report should be sent by email to the MEC Director (Vlado Keselj, Please make sure that the following requirements are satisfied:

  • The subject of the email must be:
    Subject: ECMM7010 MEC Internship Report
  • Include the following information in the email:
    Internship Report
    Student: student name, banner number, email
    Position: position title, or descriptive title
              if no official title
    Employer: company name, address, web address
    Supervisor: company supervisor (manager)'s name,
                email, phone number
    Duration: from date to date, full-time or not,
              number of hours
  • Include the above information in your report as well
  • The report in PDF format must be attached with the email

About Report Content. This report has to include enough details to justify 13 weeks of full time employment (or equivalent part time work) on electronic commerce issues.

Note that the approval of the internship proposal does not automatically guarantee the approval of the internship.

In addition to the outline of the work performed, your internship report has to include details on the content of the projects you worked on. This report has to include an analytic component in which you demonstrate critical thinking.

To fulfill this requirement you can motivate and outline a specific problem you worked on, discuss possible solutions (even if they have not been considered in your work, and derive conclusions and possible recommendations.