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DPC Information

DPC stands for Dalhousie Programming Club or Dalhousie Programming Competitions, depending on a context. In both cases, we mainly focus on organizing programming competitions and activities aimed at improving students' programming skills.

Test and improve your programming skills by solving one or more of the given problems in C, C++, or Java, in a command-line environment.

The contest is open to all Dalhousie students. We also organize programming competitions for high-school and junior high students.

For more information about Dalhousie Programming Team, please contact our current coach: Nauzer Kalyaniwalla at nauzerk@cs.dal.ca.

Other faculty members involved in DPC are: Vlado Keselj (vlado@dnlp.ca), Meng He (mhe@cs.dal.ca), Michael McAllister (mcallist@cs.dal.ca), and Alex Brodsky (abrodsky@cs.dal.ca).

DPC Schedule and News

If you are interested in preparations for this year's competition, or in improving your programming skills through programming exercises of this type, send an email to Vlado Keselj (vlado@dnlp.ca) to learn about the current activities. As the first step, you should request to be added to the DPC email list. The current DPC programming practice:

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To receive e-mail announcements, please subscribe to DPC email list by sending a request to vlado@dnlp.ca

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