CSCI 6604: Advanced Computer Graphics

Lectures: MW, 16:35-17:55, Teaching Lab 3
Instructor: Dirk Arnold
Office hours: stop by whenever my door is open
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Course description: This class covers advanced topics in computer graphics, including digital image synthesis, geometric modelling, and computer animation. It is suitable for graduate students with or without prior background in computer graphics.
Recommended reading: cover P. Shirley
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, second edition
A K Peters, 2005.
cover M. Pharr and G. Humphreys
Physically Based Rendering
Morgan Kaufmann, 2004.
Grading: assignments (60%), take-home final (30%), in class participation (10%)
Assignments: Assignment 1; due October 17, in class
Assignment 2; due November 14, in class
Assignment 3; due December 3, in class
Slides: 1. Introduction
2. Miscellaneous Math
3. Linear Algebra
4. Transformations
5. The Rendering Pipeline
6. Rasterisation and Hidden Surface Removal
7. Surface Shading and Texture Mapping
8. Basic OpenGL
9. Graphics Data Structures and Hardware
10. Curves
11. Animation
12. Meshes and Subdivision Surfaces
13. Ray Tracing
14. Colour and Radiometry
15. Signal Processing
16. Sampling and Reconstruction
17. Global Illumination and Reflection Models
18. Tone Reproduction