CUSP Project

Age Quod Agis—Strive for the best

Special Workshop Participation and Invited Talks on Business Innovation and Privacy


2001        D. Jutla, Participant in Canada Foundation for Innovation Workshop to set a Canadian Research Agenda for e-Business, Toronto, Canada, workshop report available at

2001      D. Jutla, Canadian Insurance Brokers Association (CIBA), “Insurance and e-Business Security”, Presentation at the CIBA conference, Radisson Suites, Halifax, September 27, 2001

2001        D. Jutla, Invited Talk at the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities one-day e-Government Seminar, “E-Government for Municipalities: Trends, Models and Funding,”  Cape Breton, October 16, 2001.

2002        D. Jutla, Invited Talk: Building Infrastructure for the Knowledge-based Economy, Telecom Applications Research Alliance, Halifax, 2002

2002        Jutla D.N., Dhaliwal J, and Bodorik P., “Government Support for e-Business Readiness:                  Metrics & Approaches from Canada, Norway, Singapore &       Netherlands,” presented by                  Jasbir Dhaliwal at NAFTA seen from a Multicultural Perspective, Trade Panel Proceedings                  from the VII Triennial Conference of the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies, (8-11                  August    2002, Stockholm)

2003        D. Jutla, Invited participant, Privacy, Security, and Trust Workshop, Centre for InterUniversity Research and Analysis on Organizations, CIRANO, Montreal, October 2003.

2003        D. Jutla, Invited Talk, “Socio-Technical Model and Architecture for e-Privacy”,

Institute for Information Technology, National Research Council, Fredericton, October 2003.

2004        D. Jutla, Invited Talk on e-privacy, IT trends seminar, Nova Scotia Information Technology Human Resources Council, January 2004.

2004        D. Jutla, Talk on Privacy Best Practices and e-Privacy, Sobey’s Breakfast Series, January 30.

2006        D. Jutla, Invited Talk on Keeping Competitive with Technology, Caribbean Research                          Institute, March 2006

2006        D. Jutla, Invited Talk on Privacy Research for Organizations, Centre for Information Management and Connectivity, Rutgers University, October 2006.

2007        D. Jutla, Invited Talk on Usable Space: Security, Privacy and Context for the Mobile User,  Financial Cryptography and Data Security, Tobago, West Indies, February 2007.

2008        D. Jutla, Invited Talk on the topic of Innovation entitled Beans, spaghetti sauce, long tails, lunchroom wikis, and AIR, presented to Executives of the Nova Scotia Gaming Commission, Halifax, Nov 2009

2009        D. Jutla, Invited Talk, Adventures from the MIS Classroom: Academic Models and the Changing Role of the CIO, presented to a Canadian Council of CIOs (Chief Information Officers), facilitated by the Conference Board of Canada, Halifax, May 2009

2009       D. Jutla, Invited Talk on Layering  Privacy Platforms, Presentation to an Expert Audience,          International Privacy Commissioners’ Privacy by Design Workshop, Madrid

2010         D. Jutla,  Invited Talk on Layering  Privacy Platforms, Dalhousie University Privacy Day.

2011       D. Jutla, Privacy Panelist, National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace Workshop,          MIT Multimedia Lab, Boston, MA