Peter Bodorik

Professor, Faculty of Computer Science


Room 318, Faculty of Computer Science Building


Phone: 494-6452


Office Hours

M, W, F  2:30 — 3:30 or

by appointment - email


Current Research Interests

Key words: Distributed and Web Technologies, Privacy Architecture, Caching, Transactional Caching, Caching in Middleware Environment, Distributed Database, Quality of Service (QoS), E-commerce, E-business and E-government


E-business is supported by numerous systems in which middleware plays an important role. To ensure that the middleware provides appropriate services to appropriate clients, we have developed a QoS framework, and a supporting tool-kit, for monitoring of middleware and its infrastructure in which it operates. We are studying models for middleware components that would enable us to predict their consumption of infrastructural resources and delays and hence to enable allocation of resources and balance the workload. Caching is one of the basic techniques to improve the response time of web-based systems. We are studying adaptation of caching techniques in Distributed DBs (DDBs) to the environment of middleware components supporting web-based applications.  (Selected publications can be found here.)


As the use of e-business proliferates, the issue of privacy gains in importance. We have developed an architecture, based on the P3P platform, that supports requirements for enhanced user-controlled privacy. Privacy management issues that are addressed include the identification of data repositories and their purposes, user agents and their roles and interactions, and the separation of persona profile information from user preference information.  (Selected publications can be found here.)





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Brief Bio

Education; Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) Carleton University in 1985; M. Eng. ( Electrical Engineering) Carleton University, l977; B.Sc. (Honors in Computer Science), University of Calgary, l974


Current Position:  Professor, Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University


Past and current academic administrative positions: Associate Dean, Academic; Associate Dean, Research; Director of Master of Electronic Commerce; Committee chair: Tenure and Promotions, Search, Undergraduate, Graduate; Nominating Committee of TUNS Senate; Member of most committees of the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie and the School of Computer Science at TUNS; Member of university committees/bodies: Dalhousie Senate, TUNS Senate, Nominating Committee of TUNS Senate, Review Committee for the Director of Master of Eng. (Internetworking) Program, Graduate Engineering Programs Review Committee.


Research:  Principal Investigator on NSERC Discovery Grants, NSERC Engage Grants, NSERC Equipment Grant, NS Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program, Novatron Grant.  Collaborator/Co-investigator on CFI Awards, NSERC CREATE, BNR grants. 


Past Graduate Student Supervision:  71 graduate students have successfully completed their graduate studies under my supervision and co-supervision in the programs of Master of Computer Science, Master of Applied Computer Science, Master of Electronic Commerce, Master of Engineering (Internetworking), Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science). 


Current Supervision of Graduate Students:  I currently supervise 1 PhD student and 10 master students.


Publications: 70 refereed research publications.


Patents: Two non-provisional and one provisional patent applications.



CSCI 6407— Management of Data in Distributed Systems


ECMM 6010 — Technical Issues in Electronic Commerce


INFX 2690/91, 3600/01, 4600/01 & CSCI 3190/91—Community Project Courses