Project Topics 2012f

In groups of 1 or 2  students will complete a major course project on an approved topic. Groups may either develop a topic of their own, perhaps connected to their thesis topic and have it approved by the instructor or may selected from the list of suggested topics below.

  • Pick a topic that interests you:
    • The best topics involve some algorithms desesign, an implementation, and a performance evaluation.
    • Pick a subject area that you know something about. Something to do with your thesis or interests in computing works well.
    • Do the one page write-up and discuss it with me.
    • Have a scan of the recent conferences and journals for something that interests you.
  • Here are some topics that I am interested in and could give you some support with:
    1. Improved Aggregate Analysis Engine in CUDA
    2. Aggregate Analysis Engine in Hadoop (Zhimin)
    3. Monte Carlo Simulations on GPUs
    4. Assignment II question II done properly
    5. Real-time Query processing on the Cloud

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