CSci4125: HPC: Programming for Performance

Winter 2015

Andrew Rau-Chaplin (

Teaching Assistant:

Office Hours: Thur 1:30
Class: Tues/Thur 4-5:30


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Class Project

Other Notes:
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Welcome to the course website for CS4125. On this site you will find material to support you in this course. Note that  this material is under development and is likely to change. Material for any lectures we have yet to cover in class should be treated as provisional.

Course News:

  • April 1: Date Reminders
    Thursday April 2: Last day to present your seminar!
    Tues/Thurs April 7/9: One on one sessions during which I can help you work on your project. Please send email to book a time between 4-5:30pm.
    Sun April 26: Last day to submit final project by email

  • Mar 4: Seminar dates on schedule changed. Please check.
  • Feb 12: Class is canceled for Tuesday Feb 24th. The student seminars schedule for that day will now be held on Thursday Feb 26th.
  • Jan 28: You may find this MPI Tutorial useful.
  • Jan 26: Your second assignment is available: Assignment 2.
  • Jan 6: Your first assignment is available: Assignment 1.
  • Jan 6: The lecture notes can be accessed on campus but if you are off campus you will need a user name and password which I will give you next class.
  • Jan 6: Course outline, Schedule, and Lecture Notes updated.

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