Course Outline

CSci3130 Software Engineering

Dr. Andrew Rau-Chaplin (

Official Outline
The class examines the process of software development, from initial planning through implementation and maintenance. A brief survey of available tools and techniques will be presented covering the topics of analysis, planning, estimating, project management, design, testing, and evaluation. Particular emphasis will be given to organizing and planning, team participation and management, top-down design and structure charts, system and information flow diagrams, walk-throughs and peer review, and testing and quality control.

  1. Software Engineering Work Products (3-4) 35%
  2. First Group Demo (1) 10%
  3. Final Project Documentation and Final Demo (1) 40%
  4. Participation (1) 15%

Most of the class work will be conducted in project teams consisting of 3-4 members. In particular all members of a project team will receive the same grade for Software Engineering Work Products and first group demo. Each team will hand in a set of Final Project Documents and give a final demo, however individual grades will be given based on 1) the submitted documents 2) the Minutes of Project Meeting, 3) Group Reviews, and 4) Technology Presentatons the instructors discretion based on other communication with group members. Participation marks will be assigned individually.

Note: The grading scheme subject to change at any time.


Acknowledge all collaborators and any other sources used in all submitted work. Plagiarism and other anti-intellectual behavior will be dealt with severely. ALL CASES OF SUSPECTED PLAGIARISM WILL BE IMMEDIATELY HANDED OVER THE UNIVERSITY'S

Student Accomodation
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All class assignment and other materials will be provided on the course web site at

NOTE: No further materials will be provided in paper form.