DAD: A Real-Time Expert System for the Monitoring of Data Packet Networks.

S. Rabie, A. Rau-Chaplin, and T. Shibahara

Abstract: This paper describes the Expert Advisor 1, a real-time expert system used in the monitoring of packet switching networks and how it has been completely integrated into a conventional network surveillance system. The paper describes the primary functions of the expert system as being the identification of service-affecting conditions in the network and the presentation of all information pertinent to the problem to the network operator in a single entity. The expert system is based upon the concept of a network problem, defined in terms of network events and information from conventional databases. Problems are represented by problem descriptions that are written in a Problem Description Language (PDL) and are modular, allowing for incremental growth of the knowledge contained in the system. The paper describes system design considerations, the novel knowledge representation used, and the Problem Description Language.

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